This farm has been always called Eemilä despite the fact that the official name in Land Survey files is Kuusela. Name Eemilä origins from the first farmer and the master of the farm, Eemil Sikanen. Nowadays the farm is owned by the grandson of Eemil, Martti Sikanen and his wife Anneli.

The Eemilä farm was departed from the big estate Pietilä in Great Land Reform in 1788. Since that, the Eemilä has been owned the same family and Eemil Sikanen bought the farm from his relatives.

On the museum area two traditional log houses represent the 19th century building style. The old main building of the farm is not in museum use, but stands still proudly behind the barn. The smaller single-family Crofter’s hut (The Red Hut) is renovated to represent a normal lifestyle of early 20th century in Eastern Finland.

The Eemilä Rustic Museum has five premises with the total of 2500 artefacts organised by following themes:

  1. Housing
  2. Hunting and fishing
  3. Agriculture
  4. Handicrafts
  5. Forestry

Most of the artefacts come originally from Eemilä farm and Tienpää farm, which is the home farm of the lady-of-the-house, Anneli. In addition, neighbours, relatives and numerous other people have given items to be restored in the museum. One single item has ”more value” when placed next to other ”old-timers.

Artefacts in the museum reflect the harsh life of farmers from the early 1800 to 1970’s. The life has been simple. Fields and forests have given the bread and meat if you have been ready to work hard and year around. Using innovative approaches, you have first made tools, to make devices you need. Need for a beauty and decorations can been seen also, the value of the woman has been in addition to broad shoulders also in skilful hands.

We hope that in The Red Hut, you can sense the life of early decades of 20th century - joys and sorrows and the strong hope for better tomorrow. NOTICE! Museum is closed for summer 2020. We apologize any inconveniences caused by closure.

Spots to visit

  • Handicraft shed
  • Outhouse (museum only)
  • Forestry
  • Horse keeping, carpentry and shoemaking
  • Cooking
  • Hunting and sport
  • Agriculture
  • Fishing
  • Laundry
  • Agriculture, weaving
  • Horse driven machines
  • The Red Hut
  • Doll collection in the wendy house

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